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I'm ok...trust me
late night phenomenon strikes again..
Thursday. 10.21.04 6:46:37 am
well i slept from 11:30pm to like 3am...a cup of coffee, no homework, and a movie later...here i am.

this time...it was a movie i've already seen before in a theater once.. and the title of this movie...is Adaptation. wow. well first of all the plot was all over the place. 'on paper' its about a screenwriter...writing a screenplay for a book....which is about a writer getting to know this guy....n the guy is this passionate guy about orchids. SO..yeah. the structure of the movie itself was mildly intricate.. but kinda 'in between the lines'...the movie is about *ahem* adaptation. now heres where it gets deep. the orchid guy his name was john. he knows all about orchids...and he explained..how the orchids and insect life have adapted to eachother...where they need one another to survive. my favorite part of the movie is this explanation. he said something along the lines of 'the bee's sole purpose is to find it's special orchid..its soulmate. and they never understand how necessary they are to eachother. the relationship is just natural.' but yeah...the john guy was a cool character. not just because he did what he wanted...but when he wanted to do something...he pursued it with all of his being. his heart and soul went into whatever he felt interested in at that point in time. he would be fascinated with tropical fish for a period of time. travel near and far, to-and-fro to dive for jusssst the right fish. he had 60 fish tanks in his house at one point. n then...the interest would be completely gone in an instant, and he'd never dip a toe into the ocean again. that last part doesnt sound very cool to me..just utter detachment. but i guess thats how his life went..and maybe how a lot of people's lives are like that. completely passionate about something one day...loss of interest...brush off....and bam, new fad. a vicious cycle...unfair to be broken down like this...but maybe i'll expand on that another time.... anyway. adaptation. the movie portrayed its meaning to be....the establishment of equilibrium within a person and/or with other people.. the method by which people attain this equilibrium is what makes up the ways of their life....some people find balance/happiness with many people by being very helpful, caring, and friendly. and some people find balance/content in drug usage with people theyre infatuated with.. ha. whatever floats ur boat i guess. i'm going to sleep cuz the sun is rising....

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Thursday. 10.14.04 11:10:34 am
i thought about the previously mentioned movie a lil more...and i thought...with all the development of their relationship 'pre-dating'....getting to know a potential significant other is the basis of everything afterwards. the interactions that occur during the 'pre-dating' phase is the time when u get to know his/her good side...his/her adorable quirks... in the 'officially-dating-phase' i guess this is when u get aquainted more with his/her body.... his/her not so good side personality wise....the fact that you still adore them even knowing their less admirable traits-thats prolly an indicator of the ever elusive 'love'.... it snowballs. so anyway. i guess it kinda dawned upon me...like i believed it already but it just wasnt as clear to me as it is now: after getting to know ones mind and soul...the body will 'naturally magnetize' itself.....it doesnt work the other way around. i guess i'm trying to pick a fight...im up for some intellectual arguing....

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late night movies are the cOoLeSt
Thursday. 10.14.04 4:51:24 am
well i've been up since 1am....

a movie started at around...4am? and i watched it. its name was...'all the real girls'...and basically..it was an indepth case study of a relationship between a guy and a girl. typical small town in the heartland of america probably....guy has a best friend...guy grows up with best friend's sister. sister comes back into town and they go for it...all in all the movie was very thorough. i mean..if the point of the movie was to depict a whole relationship...it did. the growing up together was the 'prologue' if u will of the relationship....chick comes back into town and its like a new beginning, a whole new ballgame with sparks-a-flyin....and then the real meat n potatos of the relationship: all the time they spent together...countless conversations...making up excuses to their other peers as to why they havent been around...the want for sex yet not wanting to demean the relationship....hence the "near" sex activities..

.....always cool..

and then as the pendulum swung...the more difficult..less pleasant side of their relationship came around...girl goes off to somewhere for a party weekend...gets drunk and has sex with some stranger...and boom. break up quick fast n in a hurry..and THEN...the aftermath. the awkward seeing of eachother at public places like bars n such...the attempt to talk it out and remain friends...she even gave him pity sex.....

then. guy swallows his pride...n decides to really try n talk about it...not necessarily to remain friends...but just for closure. girl says something along the lines of....'when i was fucking that guy...i found out i loved you..because fucking him felt wrong.'
...i may have a few words in the wrong order but those were the words used...anyway..so that's that..i guess they cut their losses...it was just done. the ending was pretty awkward...but i guess thats life...anyway.

i think the writing was verrry awesome. very true to life. like i could definitely imagine myself er somebody from my 'clique' saying a couple of these lines..heres prolly my fave quote of the movie:

"i wanna make sure that a million years from now, we can see eachother up close and still have amazing things to say..."
thats what he said to explain why he didnt wanna have sex with her...yet.

but yeah...the title of the movie is pretty interesting...n im not gonna say 'oh hey all girls are like this chick in the movie' cuz thats just impossible...everyones different.

ur freaking ridiculous if you consciously use stereotypes in ur day to day judgement.

but um...yeah. the movie also depicted the role of a modern mom pretty well. the guy's mom was a single mother...working as a clown in a hospital..giving up all she had before just to support her son. guess that just kinda hit real close to home with me.... but yeah....the movie...watch it. comment on this tang of nu.... do it.

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why music is awesome
Sunday. 10.10.04 8:48 pm
-=fad hits=-
ice ice baby

hotel california
born to be wild

-=sporting events=-
we will rock you
wild thing

-=sound tracks=-
eye of the tiger
my heart will go on

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